November 30, 2012

Top 10 Political Blogs from the Gulf

Since blogging has been a great way to be informed about what is happening elsewhere, I am suggesting these blogs for readers from outside the Gulf to follow. These might help you form a better understanding about the contemporary reality in the Gulf. There are other blogs that are famous but not included mostly because they are inactive, and thus, not as helpful.


- Freedom for the price of bread - Aisha Al-Saifi مدونة "حرية بثمن الخبز" للعمانية عايشة السيفي

November 27, 2012

Dialogue Over Stereotypes - Lina Ben Mhenni

[Dialogue Over Stereotypes is an ongoing series intended to highlight the realities and issues faced by women in the Maghreb and the Gulf. The series seeks to break down stereotypes shaped by misperceptions of women from these two regions. For comments or suggestions, email]

The following is an interview conducted by Bil3afya co-founder, Samia Errazzouki, with Tunisian blogger, Lina Ben Mhenni. It was originally published on Jadaliyya.

Samia Errazzouki (SE): Regarding the drafting of the new constitution, as a Tunisian woman, how do you respond to the proposed article 28 that defines women as complements of men? 
Lina Ben Mhenni (LBM): The attacks against women, freedom, and human rights continue to multiply in Tunisia. And unfortunately, these attacks are coming mostly from the Tunisian government. This article 28 that discusses women in complementary terms to men instead of equal terms is revolting. I ended up protesting against this article on the streets during an unauthorized demonstration and ten policemen beat me. If I could do it again, I would, because in all the internationally recognized charters that speak of human rights, they always address the relationship between men and women in equal terms. Complementarity, as a term, is large and fluid--each individual can interpret it differently. What is the government seeking to achieve or prevent by using complementarity to define the relationship between men and women, instead of equality? Why make detours to avoid being honest?