November 30, 2012

Top 10 Political Blogs from the Gulf

Since blogging has been a great way to be informed about what is happening elsewhere, I am suggesting these blogs for readers from outside the Gulf to follow. These might help you form a better understanding about the contemporary reality in the Gulf. There are other blogs that are famous but not included mostly because they are inactive, and thus, not as helpful.


- Freedom for the price of bread - Aisha Al-Saifi مدونة "حرية بثمن الخبز" للعمانية عايشة السيفي


- Emirati Citizen - Ahmed Mansour مواطن مغلوب على أمره - أحمد منصور



Saudi Arabia

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  1. داهم والزيادي مدونات مهمة؟ بصراحة ذوقكم زق